BONSAI STUDIO - The project is an advanced step of what we started with BONSAI MARKET where we face a very current problem of fashion industry of high inventories stock of past collections. Starting from here, we thought of the pieces of fabric and yarn we have in our Studio. These meters can today transform from dead into something new, they can become everything as long as they reflect the Bonsai energy.

BONSAI STUDIO has been thought to be directly to final customer, so all the special item born from this project will be exclusive in Bonsai E-shop. For that reason we want to be more transparent on price, that's why the price you'll se for Bonsai Studio will be more accessible and more "for everyone", always maintaining an high respect of Made in Italy and for the selection for our suppliers.

Second capsule of Bonsai Studio presents BONSAI HOME, a way to style with Bonsai fabrics every single corner of your Home.

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