When customers pay, they put the credit card details into a secure electronic secure bank system. It is possible to pay with: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
Security of Credit Cards: all transactions will be processed on a secure server to guarantee our customers the maximum protection of their bank datas. Customer service agents of Bonsai are not authorized to request or accept any credit cards numbers or details. To guarantee a better protection on the purchases online, Bonsai recommends to adhere and request a security PIN to make purchases in security.

Choosing Bank Transfer, after the order, the customer will be able to see automatically the bank Bonsai data. The goods ordered will be put aside and will be sent after the payment is received. The customer must send copy of the payment via Fax or Email to:, within 48 hours of receiving order confirmation.
If we don't receive the copy of the receipt of payment within the terms, we will cancel the order. Bonsai will send the order only after receiving the Bank Transfer.

Customers can also pay directly through their own PayPal accounts.